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- Sangram K. Routray

Nature, the Artist Premiére! Termites engraved their artwork inside an old log, now exposed!!!

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Hi! I'm Sangram, Sangram Routray. Home is in Jaipur (The Pink City!), Rajasthan, India. I'm happily married, got a loving and lovely wife, Jaya, and two adorable daughters, Tanya and Litti, who are already scaring the hell out of me!

I am a freelance "free-for-all"-er! Basically a natural born artist, I've developed into somewhat of an "artistic developer". Over the years I did artwork (the entire gamut - media: right from coal on paper all the way to water colours, oils, acrylics, genres: from folk to modern). Then I innovated my own style of artistic craftwork using thermocol - developed quite a reputation with that because I did what no one did. I crafted entire sets (30 feet high, 300 feet long, 3 feet deep) for numerous state-sponsored/private events. I have done a helluva lot of interior designing - private homes, hotels, educational institutions, you name it. My latest is really large (humungous!) scale projects involving everything - architecture, designing, and actual practical supply of objets d'art, landscaping, construction - yep, that's everyThing with a capital 'T'!

I have a strong basic penchant for earthy and rustic themes and concepts. Over the last 5 years I have spent more time in the forests and rural areas than in urban areas, because I "likes" it - astra castra, numen lumen! This is reflected in my art and designs where I use a lot of nature-friendly motifs. I am best when I have to develop a project from the ground up in a wilderness - take, for example, my Bandhavgarh project. This project was developed for a private client, right in the midst of a wilderness sanctuary. You can see photographs of this project below.

Not to say that I don't go for modern or urban projects - just saying what my natural proclivity is!

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